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MSc student

Tsilavo Razafimanantsoa

Thesis topic: Climate change and ecosystem dynamics in Central Highlands Madagascar.

Supervisors: A/Prof. Lindsey Gillson (PCU) and Prof. William Bond (UCT)
Office: HW Pearson Building



D.E.A Diploma (equivalent to Master 2 in Biology) Applied Palynology (University of Antananarivo, Madagascar)

Tsilavo is from Madagascar and can speak Malagasy, French and English. In 2015, he received a D.E.A Diploma (equivalent to Master 2 in Biology) in Applied Palynology (study of pollen grains) from the University of Antananarivo- Madagascar. Tsilavo was exposed to many ecological topics during his undergraduate studies (2006-2012). During this time, he was involved in the Phytosociological, Ethnobotanical and Vegetation survey studies in different parts of Madagascar. He then specialised in Palynology during his Masters 2 programme (from 2012 - 2015). Here he was introduced to, and became familiar with, the study of pollens and spores collected during field work using slides at the laboratory. Furthermore, his Masters 2 research also had a focus on Palaeoecology where he collected sediment cores in the different lakes of North-West Madagascar and analysed the results at the Institute of Science Evolution in Montpellier-France (ISEM).

To continue in the domain of Paleoecology, Tsilavo worked as a volunteer (January-June 2016) to elaborate the database of Fynbos pollen for the Paleoecology laboratory at the PCU. He then started his MSc research at the PCU in July 2016.