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SAEON "Change is in the Air" video

"Change is in the Air" is a short documentary produced by the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) that highlights the effects of climate change and especially CO2 on the vegetation in southern Africa. According to SAEON; "The effects of climatic events and interactions with land use and fire regimes are well described in the literature. A radical view is offered that rising CO2 levels not only causes global warming but is the invisible driver of global change in South Africa's grassy systems. Over the last century indigenous trees have encroached on savannas and grasslands, grasses have invaded arid shrublands, and alien plants are invading the Fynbos. The video provides visual evidence of these. Ecologists and land managers discuss the causes and effects, including implications for management and policy."

The video reflects the work of several South African ecologists including Nikki Stevens, William Bond, Guy Midgley, Luthando Dziba and Timm Hoffman whose work on long-term environmental change through the use of repeat photography forms part of the documentary.  

The video is augmented by a booklet called "Change is in the Air" which is also downloadable. 

Please visit the SAEON website for more information.