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MSc student

Randall Evan Josephs

Thesis topic: Holocene Climate Change and the Population Dynamics of Aloidendron taxa.

Supervisors: Prof Terry Hedderson (UCT, Biological Sciences), co-supervised by Prof M. Timm Hoffman (PCU) and Sam Jack (PCU)
Collaborating Institutions: National Research Foundation
Office: Room 4.21, HW Pearson Building
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BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town

Randall graduated in 2013 with a BSc in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology from the University of Western Cape (UWC). Thereafter, he transferred to the University of Cape Town (UCT) to complete his Honours Degree in Biological Sciences. His Honours thesis was aimed at trying to understand the historical distribution of Aloidendron pillansii and was supervised by Prof Terry Hedderson and Prof Timm Hoffman. It was during this time that he developed an interest in the different aspects that climate change affects species’ populations. Randall then decided to further his studies and began a MSc in February 2015, again supervised by Prof Terry Hedderson and Prof Timm Hoffman.

Randall's present research aims to explore the Quaternary history of the three Aloidendron sister taxa. He will use a multidisciplinary approach that combines species distribution modelling and phylogeography, which will be used to explore the distributional shifts of the species in suitable climate scenarios.