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Radio interviews about repeat photography


Professor M.T. Hoffman was interviewed in 2014 by Tim Neary for the 'Nature Journal' on Radio Today. He spoke about his long-standing interest in repeat photography and his collaboration with Professor Les Underhill from the Animal Demography Unit, on the newly launched 'rePhotoSA' project. This project engages with the public or 'citizen scientists' to take repeat photographs of old historical landscape photographs of southern Africa (see:

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On Saturday 19 November 2016, Samantha Venter (the rePhotoSA project coordinator) was interviewed by Tim Neary for the 'Sappi Nature Journal' on Radio Today. She spoke about rePhotoSA as the repeat photography project of southern African landscapes, which is a citizen science project and a collaborative effort between the Plant Conservation Unit and the Animal Demography Unit at UCT. Samantha highlighted the aim and importance of the project and spoke about the different ways in which the public can get involved.

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