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Karoo Bibliography 1759 - 2006

The 'Karoo Bibliography' database is part of a DST-funded project coordinated by Timm Hoffman at the Plant Conservation Unit at the University of Cape Town. The database contains over 12,000 references and comprises the most comprehensive account available of literature dealing with southern Africa's Arid Zone from 1759 to the beginning of 2007.

The geographic area of interest includes the Nama Karoo biome, Succulent Karoo biome, southern Kalahari, Namib desert, the semi-arid Orange Free State and eastern Cape grasslands and parts of the subtropical thicket of the eastern Cape. In short it includes any southern African area that is defined as an arid zone (i.e. with a mean annual rainfall of 400 mm or less).

The database contains references from journal articles, books, theses, popular articles, conference proceedings, maps, and any other relevant work.

If you have any references to add to the database, comments or corrections, please forward them to the email address below and the database will be updated accordingly. (For the references, please send as much detail as possible and an abstract if available. Pdf documents are not necessary.)

If you follow this link, you will be able to download the database in a XML or BibTex format (which we cannot host on our website). 

Timm Hoffman

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