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Past Students

MSc (Minor Dissertation)

Elelwani Nenzhelele 2017 Long-term impacts of livestock grazing in the Succulent Karoo: A 20-year study of vegetation change under different grazing regimes in Namaqualand [Supervisors: Simon Todd and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].
Kate Cronin 2015 Aliens in the Nursery: Assessing the awareness and attitudes of Cape Town nursery managers in regard to invasive species regulations [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Haylee Kaplan] [download PDF].
Alexandra Russo  2015 The prevalence of documentation discrepancies in CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) trade data for Appendix I and II species exported out of Africa between the years 2003 and 2012 [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Markus Burgener] [download PDF].
Kirsten Gallaher  2014 The influence of rainfall seasonality and climate change on the demography of Aloe dichotoma, a long-lived succulent tree from semi-arid southern Africa [M. Timm Hoffman, Sam Jack and Tony Rebelo] [download PDF].

Brett Reimers


Historical changes on rocky shores in the Western Cape, as revealed by repeat photography [Supervisors: Charles Griffiths and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Petra de Abreu


The short-term effect of rehabilitation on ecosystem services in the semi-arid Succulent Karoo lowlands of the Little Karoo, South Africa [Supervisors: Sue Milton, M. Timm Hoffman and David Le Maitre] [download PDF].

Dane Marx


An assessment of ecological impacts of community-based restoration on communal grasslands in the Drakensberg foothills [Supervisors: Terry Everson and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Thuli Wistebaar


Using remote sensing and expert knowledge to map landscape-level land degradation in the arid grasslands of Bushmanland – South Africa [Supervisors: Timm. Hoffman, Mathieu Rouget and Phil Desmet] [download PDF].

James Puttick


Municipal commonage: livestock, livelihoods and land degradation in Grahamstown, South Africa [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and James Gambiza] [download PDF].

Glynis Humphrey


Influence of large termitaria on species composition and tree height structure in a modified
Brachystegia/Julbernardia miombo woodland in Chizarira National Park, Zimbabwe.Termitaria, herbivory and elephant impact [Supervisors: Graeme Cumming and Lindsey Gillson] [download PDF].

Lynne Quick


The geomorphic changes to a dune system in the Cape Peninsula: Fish Hoek – Noordhoek dune corridor [Supervisors: Mike Meadows and Frank Eckhart]. [Brian Chase and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Sebataolo Rahlao


Long-term vegetation change in the succulent Karoo, South Africa following 67 years of rest from grazing [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Andre Mader


Elephant impact in the Little Karoo, South Africa [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Prince Kaleme


Regional differences in the long-term population dynamics of a succulent tree, Aloe dichotoma
in the semi-arid Karoo, South Africa as revealed by repeat photography [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Rick Rohde] [download PDF].

Marta de Ponte Machado


Is buchu (Agathosma betulina) harvesting sustainable? Effects of current harvesting practices on biomass, reproduction and mortality [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Pippin Anderson


The potential of Cephalophyllum inaequale for the restoration of degraded arid landscapes in
Namaqualand, South Africa [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman and Pat Holmes] [download PDF].