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We have been overwhelmed with words of condolence and offers of financial support from friends and colleagues from around the world after the devastating fire which destroyed the Plant Conservation Unit’s offices in the HW Pearson building on upper campus.

We suggest that anyone interested in donating funds to the PCU should do so via the University of Cape Town’s:

(1) Online Giving page - When selecting the project to donate, select OTHER & enter “For-the-PCU” under project name


(2) Donation Account, the details of which are as follows:

Account name: UCT Donations Account
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code: Rondebosch Branch, 025009
Account number: 071522387
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ

Reference: Name, Surname, "For-the-PCU"

However, in order for the money to be ‘ring-fenced’ for use by the Plant Conservation Unit we suggest:

  • that your Reference should specify “Name, Surname, For-the-PCU” and
  • that you send an email to in which you should include Proof of Payment (POP) and/or specify:

I have made a donation of [X amount] to the UCT Donations Account for use by the Plant Conservation Unit (PCU). These funds are to be used, at the discretion of the PCU Director, to support and restore the work of the PCU.”


In your email you could also request a copy of the relevant Section 18A Certificate for tax purposes.


Thank you all for your support during this time.