MSc Student

Olli Hyvärinen

Thesis topic: Monitoring long-term vegetation change in Asante Sana Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape between 1984 and 2017

Supervisors: Prof. M. Timm Hoffman; Co-supervisor: Dr. Chevonne Reynolds
Collaborating institution: Asante Sana Game Reserve
Office: Room 5.03, HW Pearson Building


BSc(Hons) in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges: Sustainability

Activities and Research Interests

I graduated from Leiden University College in the Netherlands in 2016, where I studied global challenges with a special focus on Sustainability. I did my bachelor thesis on Scottish red deer management and the potential impacts of grey wolf reintroduction on the local red deer population. I have worked in salmon conservation research in northern Finland, where we compared the impact of enriched rearing to standard rearing on salmon parr after release in nature. I also participated in a biogas research project at the Natural Resource Institute Finland, where we studied biomethane production and its utilization by small scale Finnish farmers. I have worked as a mentor on a youth camp in Russia and Finland, and volunteered in an animal sanctuary in the Netherlands.

My broad research interests lie in conservation and resource management. I am interested in complex systems and social-ecological relationships, and how they influence conservation at both global and local scales.