rePhotoSA: New digital jigsaw puzzles

14 Jul 2020 - 13:30

We have been thinking long and hard about how the coronavirus pandemic affects the rePhotoSA citizen sciencce community, and we sincerely hope that everyone is keeping safe. We have been considering the demographics of our citizen scientists, and how our work can be shared even more widely, so that everyone can participate and learn from the data and knowledge that the citizen science community is generating.

Lockdown restrictions notwithstanding, we understand that not everyone who may wish to partake and enjoy the repeat photography process is necessarily able to do so, for many reasons. Taking repeat photographs assumes that you have access to a camera, a reliable mode of transport to (often remote) locations, and that you are able-bodied and in decent physical health. We do not want to exclude anybody on this basis, so we had to put our thinking caps on…

Introducing REPHOTOSA DIGITAL JIGSAW PUZZLES! We are happy to provide a more interactive way of browsing the collections available on the rePhotoSA website, and which is more accessible to everyone in our diverse citizen science community. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to engage your mind and use your observation skills without needing to travel or use a camera. They challenge us to really look at the landscape and quite literally piece it together to see the full picture. They also make a fun and engaging activity for kids!

We hope to provide a new set of jigsaw puzzles every month, showcasing a selection of historical landscape photographs from each province, and encourage users to follow the links to view the repeats and to learn more about how South African landscapes have changed over time.


Image: Screenshot preview of one of our new rePhotoSA digital jigsaw puzzles