PCU Online Research Symposium

2 Jul 2021 - 15:30

The Plant Conservation Unit held an online research symposium on Friday 2 July, to check in with all our students and assistants, and reflect on our progress and achievements so far this year, despite all the challenges, both globally and closer to home.


Twelve interesting research talks were presented by PCU students, with some very engaging discussion and Q & A. Topics ranged from modelled vegetation and surface sample analysis in Madagascar, to long-term fire and vegetation dynamics in Namibia, to mapping land degradation in the Karoo, and many more. The diversity of research topics, professional backgrounds and personalities within the PCU was highlighted and celebrated. We are very impressed with our students who have managed to make such great progress during very challenging times, and we look forward to our next symposium.


For more information on the research topics we pursue at the PCU, please see our Research Focus page and find more detailed project information for each student/staff member under the People tab.


Thanks to all involved!