The PCU congratulates Tsilavo Razafimanantsoa on his Ph.D. upgrade

16 Feb 2018 - 13:15

The Plant Conservation Unit (PCU) would like to congratulate Tsilavo Razafimanantsoa on the upgrade of his M.Sc. to a Ph.D., which was officially approved in November 2017. Tsilavo joined the PCU in 2016 as an M.Sc. Candidate in Palaeoecology and Ecosystem-based Adaptation under the co-supervision of A/Prof Lindsey Gillson (PCU) and Emeritus Professor William Bond in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cape Town.

His Ph.D. project is titled, “Role of fire and climate on vegetation dynamics in central highlands Madagascar" where he will explore palaeoecological proxies such as pollen, dung spores, charcoal (macro and micro) and diatoms. These proxies would allow him to analyse more profoundly with high resolution reconstruction vegetation change, herbivory activities, fire history and past rainfall variability in Madagascar highland over the last 8000 years. Furthermore, he will investigate the relation between pollen and vegetation and the influx and quantity of pollen rain relative to the vegetation in the region. It would allow him to calibrate palaeoecological analysis in the region, which is still poorly explored.

This is a wonderful achievement and we wish Tsilavo all the best with his research.