PCU attends SciComm event with Alaina Levine

3 Sep 2018 - 15:15

On 28 August 2018, ScienceLink hosted Alaina Levine, an international expert on science communication and founder of Quantum Success Solutions, and author of ‘Networking for Nerds’ (2015) at Codebridge in Cape Town. The purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for scientists interested in communication to engage on the topic with fellows, and to tap into the know-how of ‘networking’ with insights from Alaina. Alaina is a renowned speaker, science journalist, entrepreneur and ‘corporate comedian’.

Alaina Levine speaking at the SciCommunity event. Photo credit: Selena Flores.

Glynis Humphrey, a Ph.D. candidate at the Plant Conservation Unit attended the event along with freshwater, marine and conservation biologists, astronomers, and ornithologists, as well as scientists in industry and non-government organisations (Save our Seas Foundation, World Wildlife Fund and Panthera). Discussions were centred on strategies for targeting communication in different sectors in society.

One key take home message from Alaina concerning communication and raising funds for such causes was to ‘pin point a missing gap in your field that would be most useful in a market of interest, and service and promote it’. Attendees were also given the opportunity to present their projects and share ideas.

ScienceLink is thanked for providing the opportunity, food and snacks and the setting for the communication conversation!

~ Article supplied by Glynis Humphrey