29 Aug 2017 - 11:30

The Plant Conservation Unit (PCU) would like to congratulate Petra Holden (PCU PhD Candidate) together with colleagues Amanda Bourne (University of Cape Town, UCT), Lorena Pasquini (UCT), Camila I Donatti (Conservation International) and Sarshen Scorgie (Conservation South Africa) who published a chapter titled, 'Strengthening the role of local authorities to support community-based adaptation: The case of South Africa' in the recently published book, 'Enhancing adaptation to climate change in developing countries through community-based adaptation'.

In the Chapter, the authors, 'discuss indicators that could be used to assess main-streaming of adaptation in local authority planning, institutions and personnel development in order to improve the capacity of these authorities to implement effective adaptation options for local communities'.

Full citation: Bourne A, Pasquini L, Donatti CI, Holden P, and Scorgie S, 2017. Strengthening the role of local authorities to support community – based adaptation: The case of South Africa. In: (Eds) Atela J, Huq S, Ochieng C, Orindi V, Owiyo, T. Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries Through Community-Based Adaptation. African Centre for Technology Studies. 

The book can be ordered online via the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) website or through an email request sent to  and copied to

Congrats to Petra and colleagues on this fantastic publication.