Latest Edition of PAGES Magazine: Sustaining Earth's Biodiversity

30 Aug 2017 - 15:30

The latest edition of Past Global Changes (PAGES) Magazine has now been published and is available online. This issue, edited by A/Prof. Lindsey Gillson (Plant Conservation Unit Deputy Director) and others, is titled “Sustaining Earth’s Biodiversity”, and so "highlights how the study of long-term ecosystem change can provide critical insights into the resilience of ecosystems, the restoration of disturbance regimes and the prediction of future responses to changing climate and disturbance".

Full reference: Gillson, L. Gell, P and van Gunten, L (Eds). 2017. Sustaining Earth’s Biodiversity. Past Global Changes Magazine, vol. 25(2), 76-130, 2017. DOI:

Congrats to Lindsey and colleagues on a successful publication.