It’s Springtime on the West Coast!

6 Sep 2018 - 15:00

In August 2018, Samantha Venter, a research assistant at the Plant Conservation Unit, travelled with some friends to Darling in the Western Cape to see the wildflowers. They first visited Waylands Wild Flower Reserve and then Tienie Versveld Reserve, both situated just outside of Darling. Below are some pics of the different floral displays.

Waylands Wild Flower Reserve

This little reserve is full of surprises! A drive by will not reveal much but a slow walk through the veld will quickly reveal all its hidden secrets of beauty. *Note that this reserve is not open to visitors during the week but you can read more about the farm and its history here.

Tienie Versveld Reserve

The team then headed across to Tienie Versveld Reserve, situated just outside of Darling off the R315 en route to Yzerfontein. It was such an interesting and wonderful walk with the calls of pipits, clapper larks, wagtails and various waterbirds for company. See some pics from this reserve below:



Historical photographs of wildflowers

There are a few historical photographs of wildflower displays on rePhotoSA. If you are going to visit a flower reserve, please consider taking and uploading repeats to the citizen science project:

  1. Postberg Reserve, West Coast National Park
  2. Leliefontein

~ Article and images supplied by Samantha Venter