'The fine art of planting yourself in a mirror spot and reading the shadows' - article in Business Day

15 Sep 2021 - 09:30

A wonderful article on Prof. Timm Hoffman and repeat photography, written by Assoc. Prof. Hedley Twidle of the UCT English Lit Studies department, appeared in yesterday's Business Day 'Life' section. The article is online here, and can be downloaded from our website.

The article describes, in a more personal and relatable way, the loss of the Plant Conservation Unit, and all of its historical collections and data in the UCT fire, which received far less media attention than other historical collections that were also damaged and destroyed. It describes the research led by Prof. Timm Hoffman, which makes use of historical photographs in understanding how vegetation changes in response to changes in land-use, climate, and other drivers. It also touches on rePhotoSA and invites the public to participate in re-photographing our diverse landscapes.

Many thanks to Hedley Twidle for this piece.