A bumper crop of publications from the PCU: 'Quaternary Vegetation Dynamics – The African Pollen Database'

19 Nov 2021 - 09:30

Deputy director of the PCU, Prof. Lindsey Gillson, has produced a bumper crop of new work with the recent publication of the 35th volume of Paleoecology of Africa, titled 'Quaternary Vegetation Dynamics – The African Pollen Database'. The book has 24 chapters detailing research across two broad themes: (1) the present is the key to the past, and (2) the past is the key to the future. This new volume also celebrates the rellaunch of the African Pollen Database, providing open access to modern and ancient pollen data from sub-Saharan Africa, which is an important tool in paleoecological research, enhancing our understanding of past vegetation dynamics.

Other contributing authors from the PCU include Tsilavo Razafimanantsoa (PhD candidate), Dr Estelle Razanatsoa (post-doc), and Drs Adele Julier and Saul Manzano, both of whom were post-doctoral researchers with the PCU.


Congratulations to Lindsey and her team!