PhD student

Justin van Blerk

Thesis topic: The effects of rainfall seasonality in the Cape Floristic Region.

Supervisors: A/Prof Adam West, Prof Timm Hoffman and A/Prof Julian Smit 
Office: Room 5.12.1, HW Pearson Building




BSc Ecology & Evolution and Applied Biology; BSc(Hons) Biological Sciences; MSc Biological Sciences

Activities and Research Interests

I have been a part of the Biological Sciences Department for a number of years and have completed my Hons and Masters degrees under the supervision of A/Prof Adam West. My primary interest is plant conservation within the Cape Floristic Region. I have specialised in plant ecophysiology and remote sensing/imaging techniques both which I am utilising and developing further through my PhD research. I am passionate about biological science and hope to make a positive impact in South Africa through my work.    


J van Blerk, AG West and JJ Midgley (2017) Restio culm felling is a consequence of pre-dispersal seed predation by the rodent Rhabdomys pumilio in the Fynbos. South African Journal of Botany 112: 123-127