Monday, 23 October 2017
Latest Edition of PAGES Magazine: Sustaining Earth's Biodiversity

The latest edition of Past Global Changes (PAGES) Magazine has now been published and is available online. This issue, edited by A/Prof. Lindsey Gillson (Plant Conservation Unit Deputy Director) and others, is titled “Sustaining Earth’s Biodiversity”, and so "highlights how the study of long-term ecosystem change can provide critical insights into the resilience of ecosystems, the restoration of disturbance regimes and the prediction of future responses to changing climate and disturbance". Congrats to Lindsey and colleagues on a successful publication. 

Publication Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 15:30

The Plant Conservation Unit (PCU) would like to congratulate Petra Holden (PCU PhD Candidate) together with colleagues Amanda Bourne (University of Cape Town, UCT), Lorena Pasquini (UCT), Camila I Donatti (Conservation International) and Sarshen Scorgie (Conservation South Africa) who published a chapter titled, 'Strengthening the role of local authorities to support community-based adaptation: The case of South Africa' in the recently published book, 'Enhancing adaptation to climate change in developing countries through community-based adaptation'. Congrats to all involved! Read the article to learn more. 

Publication Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 11:30
Petra Holden presents research findings to landowners in Groot Winterhoek

Petra Holden, PhD candidate at the Plant Conservation Unit, recently visited her study area in Groot Winterhoek to share the findings of her research with landowners living and farming in the area. Read the article to learn more about how it went and what Petra will be up to next. 

Publication Date:
Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 12:00
PCU Team at 10th Annual Science Postgradruate Symposium UCT

On 7 and 8 August 2017, the Science Postgraduate Student's Council at the University of Cape Town held the 10th Annual Science Postgradruate Symposium, 'Science Through an African Lens'. Over 43 oral and 25 poster presentations from various departments across the Faculty of Science were presented. Three postgraduate students associated with the Plant Conservation Unit, including Tsilavo Razafimanantsoa (Poster), Estelle Razanatsoa (Oral Presentation) and Justin van Blerk (Oral Presentation) presented at the symposium. Read the article to learn more!

Publication Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 15:15