Junior Research Officer

Fiona Impson


Office: Based off campus, Vredenberg Farm, ARC-PPRI Stellenbosch





MSc (University of Cape Town); BSc (Hons) Entomology (Rhodes University); BSc Entomology and Zoology (Rhodes University)

Activities and Research Interests:

Fiona is an entomologist by training with an interest in ecology and plant insect interactions. She has worked in the field of biological control of weeds for the past 27 years and has been involved in projects against weeds such as Sesbania punicea, Prosopis species, Opuntia stricta, with most focus on invasive Australian Acacia species.

Fiona has travelled extensively to Australia to survey for and collect insects against several of the most invasive Acacia species in South Africa, and has been involved in all aspects of a biological control programme. Her research focuses on the post release evaluation of some of these insects, as well as the seed dynamics (seed rain and seed banks) of the plants. She is also involved in the management and training of two biological control implementation teams who have been employed through NRMPs, Expanded Public Works Programme.

Fiona joined the PCU in 2014 when the weed biocontrol research group became affiliated with the unit. She is based away from campus, at the ARC-PPRI’s research facility at Vredenberg Farm, Stellenbosch, where there has been a long history of close collaboration with biocontrol research staff.

Related Work Experience:

1989-1999 - Research Assistant to John Hoffmann, Zoology Department, University of Cape Town.

2000-2010 - Scientific officer, University of Cape Town (based at ARC PPRI, Stellenbosch).

2011-present - Junior Researcher, University of Cape Town (based at ARC PPRI, Stellenbosch).

Peer Reviewed Publications:

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Book Chapters:

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Edited Proceedings:

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