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MSc student

Elelwani Nenzhelele

Thesis topic: Long term impact of livestock grazing in the Succulent Karoo: a 20 years’ overview.

Supervisors: Simon Todd (Honorary Researcher SAEON), Prof M. Timm Hoffman  (PCU Director) 
Office: HW Pearson Building




BSc (Hons) Botany (University of Venda), BSc Biochemistry and Biology (University of Venda)

Activities and Research Interests

Elelwani's main research interests are in the field of conservation biology and society. This includes understanding and learning more about the impact that alien invasive plants have on the biodiversity on a broader scale. She is also interested in long term studies on vegetation dynamics and the impacts that people have on the biodiversity of a particular area. On a broader scale she is also interested in making conservation changes on the ground using research and implementing changes in societies. She would like to educate society about conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources, especially in rural areas, and would like to motivate people to get involved in conservation initiatives.

Elelwani joined the Plant Conservation Unit in August 2016. Her research project will focus on the long term impact of livestock grazing in the Succulent Karoo under the co-supervision of Timm Hoffman and Simon Todd. This long term study will highlight the conservation status of rare succulents in this biodiversity hotspot and the potential threat posed by heavy grazing. The study will also form a baseline for land reform policy and will highlight the potential consequences of heavy grazing on the vegetation of the region since people from Namaqualand are in the process of on-going land redistribution.