Call for papers for Quaternary Journal Special Issue

21 Feb 2020 - 12:45


The Palaeo Lab at the Plant Conservation Unit is seeking papers for a Special Issue of Quaternary Journal. This is linked to a symposium that  co-organised by Dr Estelle Razanatsoa, A/Prof, Lindsey Gillson and Prof. Rob Marchant at the ATBC 2020 in Cartagena


From the Quaternary Journal website:

"Tropical ecosystems contain most of the world’s biodiversity, which is threatened by multiple factors, including climate change, invasive plants, fire, and human land-use. These ecosystems are very dynamic and complex and planning solutions for conservation that consider ecological processes and future changes are crucial. Integrating historical knowledge and understanding past processes could greatly improve currently established strategies and contribute towards a sustainable management of these ecosystems in the near future.  

This Special Issue titled “Understanding Past Processes to Chart More Sustainable Conservation Practices in Tropical Ecosystems” aims to document the past ecosystem history and responses to climate change and human interaction and demonstrate the relevance of this in dealing with contemporary environmental challenges in tropical ecosystems across the globe.

This Special Issue allows for understanding the complex ecological systems in the tropics during the Holocene and beyond and reporting their conservation implications."

Please see the website for more information:


~ Dr Estelle Razanatsoa