Honours student

Caitlin Dixon

BSc Hons Biological Science

Thesis topic: Late Holocene Vegetation Change in Northeastern Namibia

Supervisors: A/Prof. Lindsey Gillson, Dr Glynis Humphrey





Caitlin graduated with a BSc majoring in Biochemistry and Applied Biology from UCT in 2018. Her main research interests are to use paleoecology to understand the potential impacts of climate change and how ecosystems subsist over long timescales. The objective of her research is to deduce late Holocene changes in vegetation structure in northeastern Namibia, and formulate potential drivers using paleoecological proxies, delta-13C and loss of ignition. Her Honours research is supervised by A/Prof. Lindsey Gillson and Dr Glynis Humphrey, and is title 'Late Holocene Vegetation Change in Northeastern Namibia'.