Namibian botanists visit Lubango, Angola

30 Sep 2019 - 08:45


Several Namibian botanists recently visited Lubango in southern Angola to explore opportunities for collaboration with the Herbarium of Lubango and tertiary institutions, as part of the Bio-Bridge Initiative of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The co-ordinator of the project, Plant Conservation Unit PhD student Kirsti Nghidinwa, was part of the trip. Apart from institutional visits, the visitors welcomed the chance to botanise around Lubango. Despite the generally dry condition of the veld at that time of the year, Angola’s remarkable botanical diversity nevertheless had something in store for the southern neighbours, who filled up SD cards with photos of breath-taking scenery and plants. Below are some photographs from their visit.


At the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Educação de Huíla (ISCED) the delegates visited the Hebarium of Lubango, and had the opportunity to meet with the Director of the Institute. In this photo from left to right: Ms. Kirsti Nghidinwa; Prof. Fernanda Lages (Head of the Herbarium of Lubango); Ms. Frances Chase (Head of the National Herbarium, Namibia); Prof. Jose-Luis Alexandre (Director, ISCED); and Dr. Carlos Pinto (Academic Director, ISCED). Photo: L. Nanyeni.