PCU Publications

2015 - 2016

Papers in refereed scientific journals

  1. Jack, S. L., Hoffman, M. T., Rohde, R. F. and Durbach, I. 2016. Climate change sentinel or false prophet? The case of Aloe dichotoma. Diversity Distrib.. doi:10.1111/ddi.12438. 

  2. Davis, C.L., Hoffman, M.T. and Roberts, W. 2016. Recent trends in the climate of Namaqualand, a megadiverse arid region of South Africa. South African Journal of Science 112(3/4): 89-97.

  3. Kranabetter, J. M., K. K. McLauchlan, S. K. Enders, J. M. Fraterrigo, P. E. Higuera, J. L. Morris, E. B. Rastetter, R. Barnes, B. Buma, D. G. Gavin, L. M. Gerhart, L. Gillson, P. Hietz, M. C. Mack, B. McNeil, and S. Perakis. 2016. A Framework to Assess Biogeochemical Response to Ecosystem Disturbance Using Nutrient Partitioning Ratios. Ecosystems 19:387-395.

  4. Virah-Sawmy, M., Gillson, L., Gardner, C.J, Anderson, A., Clark, G., Haberle,S. 2016. A landscape vulnerability framework for identifying integrated conservation and adaptation pathways to climate change: the case of Madagascar’s spiny forest. Landscape Ecol (31) 637–654.

  5. Cramer MD and Hoffman MT. 2015. The consequences of precipitation seasonality for Mediterranean-ecosystem vegetation of South Africa. PLoS ONE 10(12): e0144512. Doi: 10.1371/journal. Pone.0144512.

  6. Gillson, L. 2015. Evidence of a tipping point in a southern African savanna? Ecological Complexity 21:78-86.

  7. Masubelele, M, Hoffman, M.T and Bond, W.J. 2015. Biome stability and long-term vegetation change in the semi-arid, south-eastern interior of South Africa: a synthesis of repeat photo-monitoring studies. South African Journal of Botany (In Press).

  8. Poulsen, Z and Hoffman, M.T. 2015. Changes in the distribution of indigenous forest in Table Mountain National Park during the 20th century. South African Journal of Botany (In Press).

  9. Masubelele, M.L, Hoffman, M.T and Bond, W.J. 2015. Landscape change over 100 years in the central interior of South Africa supports an increase in grass and tree cover in different biomes due to land use and climate change.  Journal of Vegetation Science (In Press).

  10. Green, L, Gammon, D, Hoffman, M.T, Cohen, J, Hilgart, A, Lot, M, Morrell, R, Verran, H and Wheat, N. 2015. Plants, people and health: Three disciplines at work in Namaqualand.  South African Journal of Science (In Press).

Refereed chapter in book

  1. Hoffman, M.T. 2015. Environmental change in twentieth-century South Africa and its implications for land reform.  In: (Eds) Cousins B & Walker C. Land divided, land restored: Land reform in South Africa for the 21st Century. Jacana, Cape Town. ISBN: 978-1-4314-0967-9.


  1. Gillson, L. 2015. Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Change: Using palaeoecology to manage dynamic landscapes in the Anthropocene. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780198713043.

MSc (Course work and mini-thesis)

  1. Russo, A. 2015. The prevalence of documentation discrepancies in CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) trade data for Appendix I and II species exported out of Africa between the years 2003 and 2012. Unpublished MSc Thesis. University of Cape Town, Cape Town. 39 pp. [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Markus Burgener].
  2. Cronin, K. 2015. Aliens in the Nursery: Assessing the awareness and attitudes of Cape Town nursery managers in regard to invasive species regulations. Unpublished MSc Thesis. University of Cape Town, Cape Town. 45 pp + appendices. [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Haylee Kaplan].